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Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Dasycladales of the Northern Calcareous Alps: the state of knowledge


Localities and Geology

The Bajuvaric nappe complex represents the deepest and northern-most tectonic unit of the Northern Calcareous Alps. Towards the south they dip down below the overthrusted Tyrolic nappe complex. The Juvavic nappes represent the uppermost tectonic element, overlying the Tyrolic nappes. The traditional separation into Upper and Lower Juvavic is currently a matter of discussion. Paleogeographic reconstructions indicate that the Juvavic was situated south of the Bajuvaric and the Tyrolic units.

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Alpine orogeny caused overthrusting of the nappe systems. Localities studied: Tyrolic unit (7 localities): Barmstein (near Hallein), Trattberg (Osterhorn area), Jainzen, Trisselwand, Tressenstein, Krahstein and Rettenstein/Bad Aussee (Salzkammergut). Juvavic unit (6 localities): Lofer, Dietrichshorn (Lofer area), Gerhardstein, Untersberg (Untersberg area) Plassen, Sandling (Salzkammergut).

Localities and geological units
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1. Start - Introduction

2. Localities and Geology

3. Lithostratigraphy and Facies

4. Relevance of Dasycladales Algae

5. Distribution of Dasycladales in the Northern Calcareous Alps (withe algal images)

6. Restrictions and Problems

7. Perspectives for Further Studies and Literature Cited


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