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Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Dasycladales of the Northern Calcareous Alps: the state of knowledge


Lithostratigraphy and Facies

Calcareous Algae are known from the following units: The Plassen Limestone (equivalent with the Lerchkogel Limestone) is typical for a lagoonal development with patch-reefs. The detrital Tressenstein Limestone represents proximal platform debris and is intercalated with the allodapic Barmstein Limestone. The Barmstein Limestone is interpreted as a seismoturbidite facies and represents allodapic sediments, which are intercalated with the well bedded hemipelagic Oberalm Beds.

Plattform model and lithostratigraphy
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The platform or platform-derived carbonates are characterized by a rich algal flora. The Chlorophyta are dominated by the Dasycladales, while Siphonales and Charales are of subordinated importance. Additionally, the family Solenoporaceae is dominant among the Rhodophyta.



1. Start - Introduction

2. Localities and Geology

3. Lithostratigraphy and Facies

4. Relevance of Dasycladales Algae

5. Distribution of Dasycladales in the Northern Calcareous Alps (withe algal images)

6. Restrictions and Problems

7. Perspectives for Further Studies and Literature Cited


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