Facies distribution on a carbonate ramp controlled by underground relief and subsidence (Late Eocene of the eastern Alpine Foreland Basin)



This site presents data on a mixed carbonate/siliciclastic ramp in the Alpine Foreland of Upper Austria. You will find a description of the carbonate facies as well as the distribution of facies patterns in time and space. 

The problem (page 2) and study aims (page 3) sections give a short introduction. Subsidence (page 4) and underground (page 5) summarize the geological background and features of the pre-Eocene relief. The facies chapter (pages 6-11) describes the six different carbonate facies, dominated by coralline algae and larger foraminifera. Finally, the reconstruction (pages 12-14) interprets the depositional environments by three steps. Each link contains one or two images.

This study is published by:

RASSER, M. W., 2000. Coralline red algal limestones of the Late Eocene Alpine Foreland Basin in Upper Austria: component analysis, facies and palecology. - Facies, 42: 59-92. 

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